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How to Make Sure the Rain Doesn’t Spoil Your Outdoor Party

We’re four months into 2024, and it’s safe to say that the weather has been a complete washout. Here in the UK, we’re famous for bad weather, and even more famous for complaining about the weather, but there’s no denying the record-breaking rainfall recorded so far this year.

While you may be bored of hearing the words ‘unsettled’ and ‘rain’ on the forecast, it’s probably best to accept that things aren’t about to change anytime soon, as the coming months are set to be just as soggy.

But there’s no need to let the wet weather ruin your plans, especially if you’re planning on holding an outdoor party, such as a wedding reception, corporate away-day, or birthday party. In In fact, we’ve pulled together a list of our best recommendations to ensure that rain doesn’t stop play.

Invest in a gazebo or canopy

The best way to protect yourself against the British weather is with a waterproof area for guests, such as a gazebo, marquee, or canopy of some kind. This will offer everyone a space to shelter if the heavens open, as well as providing a safe space for gifts, food and stored clothing. Just keep an eye on the forecast however, as gazebos are a great idea for rainy days, but not suitable for windy ones.

Arrange for wipe-down seating

Arrange comfortable seating, but if the weather is looking uncertain, then plastic, wicker or rattan furniture is your best bet. A passing raincloud will drench cushions and soft coverings, making them unusable for the rest of the day. Hard furniture however can easily be wiped down and used again once the showers pass.

Install water-proof flooring

When it comes to rainy outdoor events, protecting yourself from showers is only half the task. If your party is on a field or grassland, then prepare for soggy soil to quickly turn into mud as dozens of guests spend the day trampling the wet earth. Consider setting down synthetic outdoor rugs, rubber mats, or temporary decking such as interlocking tiles. This will protect guests from getting muddy and dirty, while textured flooring reduces the risks of slipping over.

Make sure your guests are prepared

It’s your party, so you’ll be keeping a close eye on the forecast, but your guests may not be quite so well prepared. Send out reminders that your event is still going ahead despite the risk of unsettled weather, and mention that items such as pack-a-macs or umbrellas may be advisable to bring.

Arrange appropriate catering

An important part of any event is the catering, as your guests will expect to be fed. A well-fed guest is a happy guest, so be sure to avoid catering options that can’t go ahead in rainy weather, such as a barbecue or uncovered buffet. If you’re unsure about the weather, your best options are to hire a food van, or look into catering with outdoor ovens that won’t be affected by the weather, such as hog roast catering, or stone-baked pizza ovens.

Here at The Roasting Pig, we offer expert catering solutions for parties and gathering of all types, indoors or outdoors. Our weather-resistant ovens supply your choice of hog roast, locally sourced meats, or stone baked pizza, and our party packages include everything you need to make your day even easier, including a gazebo or two if the weather looks uncertain. For more information, or to discuss your upcoming event, contact us today.