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The Best Food to Pack for Festivals         

Summer is upon us, and if it stops raining for long enough, then it’s time to enjoy festival season across the UK. Whether you’re heading to Download, Isle of White, Latitude, Reading, Leeds or Glastonbury, you can be sure of great music, great atmosphere, and great food.

Essential items to remember include a phone with plenty of charge, your wellies, and if you have a camping ticket, you may wish to pack some food and drink too. As well as saving money on food trucks if you’re there for the long haul, it’s a good idea to have some snacks to hand for late at night or early in the morning, before amenities open.

As you won’t have access to a fridge or cooker (unless you’re in a VIP section), it can be difficult to decide which food to take, which will last a few days without spoiling. To help you out, we’ve compiled our list of favourite food to pack for a festival.


Nuts are a super-snack, and the perfect food for festivals. They’re high in energy and natural fats so they’ll give you a boost when you need it. Unsweetened almonds, walnuts or cashews are among the healthiest options, or you could opt for honey roasted peanuts if you have a sweet tooth, or need that sugar hit. As well as nuts, consider taking some seeds to snack on, as these are similarly high in energy, and offer more nutritional value than a processed snack.

Cereal Bars

Cereal bars, oaty bars and muesli bars are also a great option for festivals, as they don’t need to be refrigerated, and can provide a good energy boost as well as being a tasty option. Just beware as most cereal bars aren’t actually as healthy as the wrappers make out, but they’re a great go-to for campsite snacks, and are much better than hitting the burger van.


Meat is a difficult one to pack for the campsite, as it generally needs to be kept refrigerated and consumed quickly. Dried cured meat such as jerky, biltong, or Peperami-style sausage snacks don’t require refrigeration. If you prefer carnivorous snacks, or you’re looking for a protein hit, then a packet of jerky is a long-lasting and tasty option to pack in your festival snack bag.

Fruit (Tinned or Fresh)

Let’s be honest, if you’re heading to a festival for a long weekend, chances are you aren’t expecting to be eating the healthiest food for a few days. However, fruit is a great way to ensure your daily diet doesn’t suffer too much, and is great way to get some vitamins and minerals amongst all the partying. You body will thank you for packing a bag of apples or pears, but if you opt for the tinned fruit for extra longevity, don’t forget the tin opener.

UHT milk or juice

Remember to stay hydrated, especially in the sunshine. For extra energy, you can take cartooned milk or juice from the non-refrigerated aisle of your supermarket (just remember to store in a cool place away from sunlight). Milk is a great way to get an energy boost, as well vitamins and protein, either as a snack or with cereal. Just remember that once opened, it does need to be finished right away if there’s no fridge in sight.

Here at The Roasting Pig, we love festival season. If you’re organising a local festival, or even just want to create a festival vibe at your next party or gathering, we’re the perfect choice. Take a look at our mouth-watering menus, including such festival-favourites as stone-baked pizza, authentic pulled pork, and our famous whole roast hog. Contact us today for more information.