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Indoor Weddings vs Outdoor Weddings: The Pros and Cons of Both

Back in 2022, the government permanently legalised outdoor weddings at licensed venues in England and Wales. This legislation (which extended temporary measures which were in place from the pandemic) means that today’s couples have the option to host their entire wedding or civil partnership ceremony outside.

Before deciding if you’d prefer an indoor or outdoor venue for your big day, however, it’s worth considering both the pros and cons of both. This blog takes a closer look, to help you decide.

Outdoor weddings


Scenery: Pick the perfect spot and enjoy all that nature has to offer, including both the view, and natural lighting. Choose a morning, afternoon, or sunset ceremony, for the kind of atmosphere you just don’t get indoors.

Space: Planning a large guestlist? Want to hire a band to play as you walk down the aisle? Eager to incorporate a dance number to the proceedings? If you need more space than your average venue has to offer, getting hitched outside will provide all the elbow-room you need.

Cost Savings: This depends on the venue but in many cases, an outdoor wedding may be a cheaper option. There’s no need to worry about setting up a venue, or forking out on interior décor, when the great outdoors is the only backdrop you need.


Weather: Here in the UK, the weather is always going to be a factor, with wind, rain and general unpredictability common even in summer. Even if you manage a sunny day, guests may struggle in the heat of direct sunlight, or the swarm of insects that a hot day can usher in.

Logistics: Getting married outside isn’t as easy as just pitching your spot. Items you may wish to consider include a marquee to insure against the weather, a microphone and PA system to ensure everyone can hear, and bottled water and sunscreen in the event of a heatwave.

Amenities: Having your ceremony indoors means that all home comforts are readily available. Outdoors, you’ll need to consider how close the bathrooms are (or hire portaloos), as well as arranging chairs, cushions, and outdoor catering.

Bride and groom holding hands outdoors

Indoor weddings


Temperature Control: Getting married indoors doesn’t just mean you’re not at the mercy of the elements. As well as being away from the wind and rain, you’ll also have access to other relative luxuries, such as central heating or air conditioning.

Comfort: In addition to a comfortable temperature, your guests can also enjoy a flat floor beneath their chair, not having the sun in their eyes, and avoiding mosquitos trying to snack on them during the vows. Proximity to toilets throughout the day earns extra comfort points too.

All-Year Availability: If your heart is set on an outdoor wedding, you’ll likely limit yourselves to the warmer months (unless you’re feeling brave). Finding availability for an outdoor venue may be more difficult to find for this reason.


Cost: As mentioned, indoor venues are generally more expensive spaces to hire. Additionally, without the backdrop of nature, you may find yourself spending more on interior décor for either the service or the reception.

Space Limitations: With an indoor venue, you’ll be limited to the confines of the space available. This includes the size of your guestlist, as you’ll find that larger venues may feature a larger price tag.

More conventional: If you’re looking for a less-common venue, then an outdoor wedding gives you the option to put a unique spin on the day. Indoor weddings, despite the choices available, may be viewed as the more conventional option, if this is something you want to avoid.

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor venue for your wedding day, The Roasting Pig is the perfect catering choice. From our famous whole hog-roasts to traditional stone-baked pizza menus, our expert chefs can provide mouth-watering menus both indoors and outdoors. Our professional-grade ovens are gas-powered, meaning we can set up wherever you require, without needing a kitchen space or even a power source. To discuss the perfect catering for your special day, be sure to get in touch.