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Stone Baked Pizzas or Hog Roast? Which Suits Your Event or Special Occasion?

As you are planning a party, you have many details to consider. One of the most important details involves the cuisine that you’re planning to serve. When you’re trying to determine if you want to serve stone baked pizzas or host a hog roast, consider a few factors to decide which path to take.

Your Guests’ Preferences

When you’re ordering food for a large celebration, you might not have the time or chance to evaluate the palate preferences of every single guest. However, you probably have a general sense of what your guests like. Also, if you are hosting a smaller celebration, you can really customize the menu. In other words, in the event that you have a party of virtually all vegetarians, opting for the stone baked pizzas is the better idea. While the hog roast would come with some vegetarian substitutes, starting with a base that pleases your guests is wise.

Indoor and Outdoor Parties

Matching the food with the ambiance of the party is a wise decision. In many cases, a hog roast is associated with a summer celebration outside in the sun. If you’re planning to host a birthday party outside complete with water balloons, square dancing and campfires that extend late into the late, a hog roast can present a suitable option. On the other hand, stone baked pizzas can work well on a winter’s night by sitting around the living room with glasses of wine.

Buffet or Sit-Down Dinner

You should also take into account whether you’re having a buffet or a sit-down dinner. Pizzas could prove difficult with a buffet; this option could lend itself better to a sit-down meal. However, you could also have some pizzas for an appetizer and then get into the main buffet meal later. A buffet works well with the hog-roast concept. For example, you can set up a tray of the meat alongside different types of bread, toppings and side dishes. As guests come up to the buffet, they can create their own platters or sandwiches selecting from the options.

Thinking about both a hog roast and a party full of stone baked pizzas can make your mouth water. Picking the right menu can seem difficult when both of the options are so appealing. Fortunately, you can use these criteria to help you to determine and craft the best menu for the party.