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Pizza at your wedding? Unconventional but highly practical

When you think of wedding receptions, there’s usually a white dress, a dance floor, a toast and pizza. Wait, pizza? Well, perhaps that’s not the conventional image of a wedding dinner, but why not?

Saucy and cheesy, there’s nothing like biting into a hot slice of pizza, and since everyone loves it, there’s no better crowd pleaser. Pizza offers a cost-effective, creative and delicious solution to feeding a roomful reception guests.

Fresh and Fired

Cardboard boxes may not scream elegance, but the best pizzas don’t come from a box, anyway. Rather, the freshest, most delicious pizzas are slid, piping hot, from a stone oven, right on site.

Any reception location can be transformed into a fancy pizzeria when chefs arrive with stone ovens. Our pizza catering team will keep guests satisfied as they quickly toss pies into the ovens and pull out hot, cheesy pizzas, one after another.

Gourmet Recipes

Pepperoni and sausage are perennial favourites, but they’re also the staple toppings of pizza fests on the couch. Wedding pies deserve a step up in the classiness department.

Fortunately, gourmet pizza recipes abound. Unique ingredients are delicious on their own and even better when paired with other fancy toppings. Consider melon and prosciutto, figs and arugula or shrimp and pesto–all mouth watering & classy.

Beyond Pizza

Cheesy pies are not the only wedding food that can be fired in a stone oven. From start to finish, nearly the entire meal can be baked right on site. Start with an appetizer, like fresh garlic bread, crisp bread sticks or toasted ravioli. Just add a green salad with a light dressing, and the first course is covered.

Of course, for the second round, it’s time for pizza, pizza, pizza. With a smorgasbord of impressive varieties, guests may fill up quickly, but they’ll be sure to find a little more space when it comes time for dessert.

The final course, piping hot from the stone oven, will put the finishing touch on this unforgettable reception meal. Deliciously sweet stone-fired treats could include giant cookies studded with chocolate chunks, fruit tarts with streusel topping or hazelnut-spread dessert pizzas.

Pizza might not be the first meal that comes to mind in regard to wedding catering, but maybe that will soon be changing, as word gets out about just how elegant, satisfying and delicious stone-fired pizza can be.