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Is Pulled Pork on the Rise in the UK?

Pulled pork is a long-standing favourite meat in the United States. Now it’s gaining a huge fan base in the UK. This flavourful meat is used in many American dishes and has been recently reinvented in modern ways. This reinvention of pulled pork is leading to the rise of the popularity in other countries.

What is Pulled Pork?


Pulled pork is generally smoked pork, usually the shoulder, and is slow cooked for hours. This process makes for a tender and juicy piece of meat that has a charred crust on the outside that holds a ton of flavor. BBQ aficionados look for the “smoke ring” to ensure that meat was prepared the traditional way. This pink color in the meat indicates that it was slowly smoked for authentic flavor. Once cooked, the meat is pulled apart or shredded, either by hand or with utensils.

Popular Ways to Eat Pulled Pork


Pulled pork may be eaten alone, or with various types of sauces, depending on the region. Sauces may be vinegar based or may include tomato sauce. The most basic way to eat pulled pork is alone or on a sandwich with BBQ sauce. The meat is also a popular addition to burgers, nachos, and other casual fare, providing another level of flavor to the dish.

Pulled Pork in the UK

There is a recent rise in meat-centric dishes, possibly to counteract the recent focus on vegetable based dishes seen in the past few years. Smokehouses are popping up through the country, with some of the first ones being found in London and Bristol.

Some of Britain’s finest chefs are taking this traditional style meat to a new level. UK chefs have an advantage over Americans when it comes to sourcing their pork. There are many heritage pork breeds available, leading to a better quality meat. Caterers like The Roasting Pig are also using the meat for relaxed celebrations like casual weddings and parties, for more information see our pulled pork catering service.

Is Pulled Pork Moving Towards Becoming a National Favourite?

The amount of pulled pork served and purchased in the UK is growing steadily, and has been since 2010. Many chefs are also beginning to learn the techniques of making good pulled pork. This allows them to put their own spin in this popular meat. Many of these dishes may not be exactly what most foodies think of when they hear the phrase “pulled pork.” The British way of serving up this tender cut of meat can introduce it to many who may have otherwise never tried it.