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Hog Roast FAQs

Here at the Roasting Pig we provide gourmet hog roasts all year round, which are perfect for events of all types, and ideal for any venue.

If you love the sound of a mouth-watering hog roast at your next gathering, but have a few more questions to ask, take a look at our handy list of answers below.

Hog Roast FAQs

How many people does a hog roast serve?
A delicious whole hog from The Roasting Pig can feed up to 300 hungry guests. If you need to cater to even more people, additional hogs can be added.

What is the minimum number of people you need for a hog roast?
There’s no minimum guest number required. We charge per hog, and can provide different size hogs based on the size of your event.

How much is a pig for a hog roast?
This will depend on the size of your hog and the service you require, with prices up to £350.

Can you do a hog roast at home?
Yes, if you wish to cook your own hog roast, you can hire our oven on an equipment-only basis. We can also include a hog to cook, delivery and collection, and full tutorial.

How long does it take to cook a whole hog roast?
Good things can’t be rushed. It can take between eight and twelve hours to cook a hog roast depending on the size of the hog.

Can you hog roast in winter?
Yes, our hog roast ovens work outside in winter, in the cold weather. In fact, a luxury hog roast is the perfect warming meal for chilly events.

How is a hog roast cooked?
A hog roast is slow-cooked inside a hog roast oven. You can choose between a catered hog roast service, or hire our equipment and cook yourself.

What is the best hog roast oven?
We use professional grade Titan hog roast oven, which cooks the pig to a juicy, tender finish with crispy crackling.

Do you leave the pig’s head on?
This is entirely up to you. We usually leave the head on, but if you’d prefer your roast without the head, we can remove it ahead of your event.

How much space do you need for a hog roast?
You can cook a hog roast in a relatively small space, you’ll just need a ventilated 3x3m space for the hog roast oven.

Can you hog roast in the rain?
Ideally, hog roast events work better out of the rain, but can still go ahead if it’s raining. The Roasting Pig can also provide marquees as requested.

Does a hog roast need an electricity supply?
Our hog roast ovens don’t require an electricity supply, as they use a gas canister. This makes us fully versatile for all types of event.

Are there other meats available?
Yes, offer a range of other meats as well as hog roasts, such as a three-meat carvery for those looking for different meats.

Can I keep hog roast leftovers?
Of course. All left overs are left for you to enjoy at a later date. They make particularly delicious sandwiches the next day.

What sides are good with a hog roast?
To go with the hog roast we supply an extensive array of sides, including bread rolls, sage and onion stuffing, plates, and condiments; mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup.

Is there a vegetarian option?
We offer vegetarian/vegan sausages, as well as further delicious sides such as fresh salad, coleslaw and potato salad.

What is the difference between a hog roast and a spit roast?
A hog roast is slow-cooked in a long roasting tray, whereas a spit roast is cooked on a rotating pole. We believe that roasting provides a tastier, juicer finish.

Does the Roasting Pig provide hog roast or spit roast?
The roasting pig provides delicious hog roasts, slow-cooked in our professional ovens.

Is The Roasting Pig fully insured?
Yes, The Roasting Pig has full public liability insurance, so you can book with full confidence and peace-of-mind.

How long will Roasting Pig staff stay at my event?
This depends on the requirements of your event. The Roasting Pig staff can stay at from an hour to all-day depending on the service requested.

Does the Roasting Pig have a good food hygiene rating?
Yes, The Roasting Pig has a five-star food hygiene rating, so you can expect exceptional results every time.

How far in advance do I need to book for The Roasting Pig?
We recommend you book The Roasting Pig as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment on your requested dates. However, we can also do last minute bookings where we have availability.

Does the Roasting Pig provide Christmas specials?
Yes, we love Christmas here at The Roasting Pig, and offer Christmas specials including turkey, pigs in blankets, seasonal veg and gravy. Christmas is a popular period so it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment.

If you have any further questions not listed above, please be sure to contact our friendly team today.

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