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Food Phobias and the Difficulties They Can Cause

We all have foods we’re not keen on, but for some people, an aversion to a particular food can have a more deep-seated origin. Food phobias are uncommon, but do exist, and for anyone unlucky enough to suffer with one, it can make mealtimes a daunting affair.

In these cases, a person’s dietary requirements aren’t to do with personal taste or allergies, but an inability to even go near a particular foodstuff. When it’s a food that’s popular with the rest of us, it can become a tricky obstacle to navigate.

Here’s a look at some real food phobias you may not even have ever dreamed existed.


Don’t mention this one to any children in the room, or you may suddenly have multiple claims on your hands, as Lachanophobia is the fear of vegetables. This can be particularly difficult for true sufferers, as most supermarkets in the country positions the fruit and veg section right by the entrance, making it difficult for anyone with this fear to do their weekly shop.


Another phobia that may be claimed by numerous children, but also affects some adults too, is Brumotactillophobia – the fear of separate foods touching each other. People with this fear can usually eat foods which are seen as logical combinations, such as sandwiches, pizza with toppings, or adding sauces. However, having separate components of a meal touching on the same plate is a big no-no.


The fear that may be the most baffling to non-sufferers is Turophobia, which is the fear of cheese. This is not to be confused with lactose intolerance – which prevents anyone affected from being able to consume dairy products – as the phobia is purely psychological. It results in the same dietary requirements however, with many everyday items being unavailable, such as pizza.


This fear relates to an aversion of circular textures or clusters of small holes. This may not sound like a fear of food, until you realise that anyone afflicted with this condition can’t even be in the same room as a crumpet. Swiss cheese and Cheerios are likely to be off the menu too.


Sufferers of Mortuusequusphobia are likely to have a tough time at barbecues or when ordering a McDonalds, as this is the fear of ketchup. For some people, it’s down to the taste and smell. Others have such an aversion that the sight of it, they’ve spent a lifetime ordering dry burgers without even allowing themselves to taste it.


Fears and phobias can arise from different places. Sometimes it’s an inbuilt response that a person seems unexplainably hardwired with, other times it can be down to a bad experience or connotation. Those with Artophobia, the fear of bread, often cite the later, with modern diet culture and the demonisation of carbohydrates often the cause for this unfortunate phobia.

Here at The Roasting Pig, we pride ourselves on providing a unique and mouth-watering banquet catering service for all tastes. Although we specialise in whole hog roasts, we’re also aware that aversion to various foods are common, from medical allergies to personal intolerances. This is why we provide a range of options to suit dietary requirements of all kinds, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten and dairy-free, as well as allergy specific.

If you’re looking for show-stopping catering experience for your next event or gathering, and you need a bespoke inclusive menu to suit all guests, be sure to contact The Roasting Pig today.