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Book a hog roast for your wedding in 2015

The Benefits of a Hog Roast for your Wedding

Among the seemingly endless list of things to prepare for a wedding, catering is one of the most important. Your guests will no doubt be hungry, and they’ll need fuel to continue celebrating. It is for this very reason that you should consider adding a wedding hog roast.

Hog roasts are traditionally rooted in the tropical cultures of the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean, but they are excellent for weddings. Hog roasts provide a high-quality catering solution that is delicious, unique and cost-effective. In addition to a premium hog, you can also choose from lamb, or other savory joint cuts of lamb, pork or turkey, depending on your needs. Catering includes sides, such as sage and onion stuffing with apple sauce, bread rolls, salad, potatoes and dessert.

Making a decision to host an entire roasted whole pig is no small feat, therefore it’s important to have a professional service present to cook, carve and serve so you can continue to enjoy your special day.

Advantages of a Hog Roast for Your Wedding


1. Hog Roasts are Attractive

Hog roasts aren’t something your guests will see or experience everyday. It’s entertaining to watch, especially for children, and give guests something to talk about and remember long after your wedding has passed.

2. Plenty of Food

Besides the fact they’re attractive to watch, hog roasts are manned by trained chefs, and provide plenty of food. Nobody is going to leave your wedding with an empty stomach, because one roast, with side fixings, will more than satiate even the hungriest of guests.

3. Healthier Food Preparation

Hog roasts are a healthier way to enjoy meat because of the decreased amount of fat and oil required to prepare this rotisserie. Did you know this was also a relatively simple preparation method as well? It’s not set and forget, but after the initial preparation, all it needs is to mount and cook.

4. Hog Roasts are Cost-Effective

Many traditional catering charges you per person. These costs can get frustrating and add up, especially when you can’t get a proper head count, and end up paying for guests who don’t come – or a penalty for unconfirmed guests who show up and strain the dinner portions. Selecting a hog roast eliminates paying “per person” because you’ll pay a flat fee for everything in your package, and bypass the catering headaches that come with having too much or too little food.

The Roasting Pig also now offer pulled pork catering services as another option whether it be for a wedding, party or special occasion.