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What type of alcohol goes best with a Hog Roast?

A hog roast is the perfect option when catering for a large number of people. It’s simple, tasty and very popular. If you decide on a hog roast then there are a number of sides you can chose to go for, including apple sauce, bread rolls and salad. Whilst you may have the food covered, what about the drinks? We look at some combination of drinks that go well with pork and the hog roast flavours you decide to go for.

Go for some popular beers

If you are having a party and the drinks will be flowing you can opt to go for some popular beers. Many will enjoy whilst eating their hog roast and shows why a hog roast may be such a popular option at many music festivals across the UK. Whilst Budweiser is a popular brand of beer, you could also consider a lighter beer such as Pilsner or Kolsch, which will work better if it’s a warm day.

European lagers are very highly rated amongst pork enthusiasts, they can cleanse the pallette, try going for something that’s made with a Citra hop which provides a strong citrus taste and therefore a perfect pairing with apple sauce.

Wine can also be effective when paired with a hog roast

Wine might not be considered something that’s often drank with a pork dish but there are some options available to wine lovers. Try something that offer floral and citrus flavours. Green fruit flavoured wines also work. You can try Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc which should go nicely with a apple flavoured roast.

Whilst red wines are usually preferred with red meat, there are some options when it comes to pairing with a hog roast if red is your thing. Chianti Classico is good for acidity when it comes to the fats contained in a hog roast but a soft wine such as Rhone can be just as effective.

Keep it local

If you’re hiring a local hog roast company then why not keep the whole event local and support businesses in your area. Research where your nearest breweries are, get some of the homemade beers and real ales that will go nicely with your hog roast. If you have the budget you can even consider asking them to make a custom brew that goes best with a hog roast, not only will this impress your guests but it will also make it personalised to your event.